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We all know it and we all agree that the most important thing of all is to survive, to continue to live and to exist. No matter what kind of survival we are talking about. Just always remember never to give up and to keep fighting. We must survive.

     0ac8511fd8c514e7eeb381c2d0e9b942If you find yourself in a dangerous situation such as natural disaster, a plane crash, if you get lost or something like this, then you must try to save yourself and everyone around you. Let’s begin with mental readiness. That means that you, first of all, always have to think positive. Just imagine that you keep saying that you are going to die, don’t you think that you actually are? Not every person is mentally prepared to find themselves in different, unexpected positions. When it comes to our mind, it is never dependable and its acts are critical most of the time. If we end up in a ,life or death situation’’, there will always be people who will actually win the battle and those ones who unfortunately will not. The struggle is real here, because of the fact that we must fight ourselves, hopefully being ready to win.

    JulianeKoepcke_Next_To_aircraft_wreckage_in_jungleLet’s imagine that we were passengers, just like Juliane Koepcke was, on the plane that crashed in 1971. This 17-year-old fell from the plane that exploded when it was about 3 000 meters high. She was unconscious for 3 hours, her left arm was cut and she could not see in one eye. But what was the most important ? She was alive, of course. So now, let’s put us in her position. We are in the jungle, alone, with nobody to help us. First, we need to find some clean ,fresh water to drink. This brave girl managed to find a river and she walked along it. A human being can’t survive without water for more than 4 or 5 days. So, this is definitely one of ,the number 1 things’’ we must do.

   super-foods-400x400What would also be necessary is of course food. An individual is able to keep living without any food more than without water, but we must eat something. We have to be very careful if we get lost or, in this case, wake up after an accident. Various plants will probably be there around us, but most of them will usually be toxic. We do not want to risk and put our lives in even a bigger danger.

If we manage to find food and water, and another thing that we need to do is to get a shelter.  We also must find some objects that we will make that shelter with. The most needed are obviously too warm ourselves up at night. That’s why we need a fire. It is important that we get only 2 rocks and that we know how to use them. The nights can be very cold, dangerous and life-threatening , and if we are not protected enough , guess what!? We will die.

    “If you want to know a little more about this girl, watch a documentary called ,Wings of Hope’’.

These were just some of the most influential hints when it comes to surviving somewhere. A lot more serious survival is a mental existence.

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All about bushcraft

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Bushcraft and survival are really similar terms, but they are not the same. Survival means remaining alive, while bushcraft skills cover all matters concerning the life in the wild or bush. A lot of skills from bushcraft can be found in survival guides and vice versa, but the important thing is that you should know them because they can keep you alive for a long period of time.

    bushcraft-courses-uk_2In simple words, survival is all about managing through the unexpected situation and coming back from it safely, while bushcraft means using your skills to live without any modern-day tools, machines and other things that are not available in nature. So, for survival after a disaster bushcraft skills are something you should possess.

   Bushcraft is focused on long-term survival in nature and therefore the skills that are thought are more focused on sustainable living in nature than living in a ruined city or something similar. Bushcraft is all about learning how to use basic materials to make everything from fire to the shelter that will keep you safe and dry for months. All of that said bushcraft relies on 7 basic skills that are necessary for long-term survival in an open area, far from cities. Any additional skills are good, but with only these seven skills you will be able to live for an indefinite amount of time in nature.

   Firecraft is the basic skill in bushcraft. This skill teaches you how to ignite the fire without any modern-day items. Just to give you an example, there are several primitive ways of starting a fire that you will learn this skill and they include: finding and using rocks that contain flint, smoldering grass or trees and fire drill.

Building a shelter is mentioned in basic survival, but shelter made by using bushcraft skills will last longer and it provides security of much greater level. The shelter is there to represent a home, not a place to sleep for one night.

   Bushcraft_Weekend_-_4Foraging is a simple, but very useful skill. This skill does require some herb-lore, but with that you will be able to find edible plants, or small animals, like slugs and you will know how to prepare the food you find. Once you learn how to forage, your food menu will always have a diversity of ingredients.

    Hunting and trapping are skills that teach you how to catch fish and other animals. Both of these things are hard and they require a lot of practice, but you have time, so you can master both of them.

Being able to make different knots and to make them from materials found in nature are the things you can learn through rope craft. These ropes will help you in the construction of shelter, in the making of the traps and in many other things.

    173f502b27504b7221e1ca663d4921eeTracking is also a very useful bushcraft skill. With this skill, you will be able to track animals and humans and you will recognize signs in the nature that tell you when someone or something passed through that place and where they are headed.

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Some unusual skills you will need to survive

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Some form of cataclysm may happen any day, and if you survive it you will have the task of continuous survival on your hands. This means that you will need a wide array of skills to make your life easier. I am not talking about skills like fire starting or fishing, those are common skills that you should already be aware of. I am talking about some a bit more rare skills that people take for granted right now. Those skills will become very important after a disaster and it would help you a lot if you knew some of them. So, here is a list of skills that you might want to learn.

    cliff-bow-lmbAny type of skill that is connected to health is very good thing to have. We live all our lives with easy access to dentists and doctors, but in some scenario, we might not have access to them. Being able to remove teeth and to properly clean and protect them would be a good skill to have. You will also have to learn a bit of herb-lore because you will need herbs that are good for toothache and other things.

   All aforementioned this can be applied to general first aid skill. Knowing how to perform CPR will be good, but knowing about herbs that have medical properties is a bit more important. Be sure to learn everything about all medical herbs as well as about setting bones and sewing up the wounds, because you might just need those skills.

emergency-survival-debris-shelter-620x415You might have skills in construction, but you probably can’t do anything without power tools. You have to change that because you might not have access to them in the future.  Take some time and learn how to build advanced shelters and other buildings with your hands only. Think about building without nails and see what you can do about it.

    127747966740913065803801197_Desert_Survival_TipsThe disaster we might face doesn’t have to be the world-destruction type of disaster; it can be simply a worse form of depression from the 30s. If that happens to be the case a lot of people will be in a need of mechanic. Even if the disaster happens to be something way more horrible than that, some mechanic skills might help you make things that other people can just dream about. I am not talking about car repair only, I am talking about general mechanical skills, making things work and creating new things from various parts and so on.

Many people forget that electricity might not be available in a case of catastrophe. Fire torches may be one option, but learning how to make candles is another thing. Candles burn longer and they don’t produce smoke and as that they can be used in enclosed space.

    You should acquire a lot of knowledge about many different skills because the time may force you to teach others those things. Teaching the children about ideas that we stood for, before the change, is a good way to keep all the events recorded.

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Skills that every prepper needs to know

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No matter how big your storage is and how filled with different items it is, you will need more to survive a disaster. A lot of items from the storage are good for short-term survival, but when it comes to long-term problems you will need a lot of skills to make your life easier. Some of these skills are general skills that every survivalist needs to know and some of them are more specified but they might prove useful when the time comes. Instead of talking about general skills like fire starting, water gathering and other usual skills, we will talk about more specific skills regarding food.

   There is a good chance that a disaster might last for a while and the food supplies from the storage may run out which is why you should learn one or a set of skills that will help you find or hunt for food.

   sepia huntHunting and fishing are two skills that might help you gain the access to meat and fish that are filled with proteins not found in plants. Fishing is easer and everyone can learn that, and learn how to make traps will help you in hunting.

Gathering aka foraging is a skill everyone should know whether they are preparing for a disaster or not. Foraging is a skill which helps you to recognize edible plants in the forest and how to gather and prepare them. Learning this isn’t particularly difficult and it will not take a lot of your time to remember what plant is edible and what plant isn’t. You can find articles about foraging and guides that list plants that can be foraged in different areas.


  Gardening is a skill I believe you are familiar with. We all know what gardening means, but to learn about gardening without any artificial help is something that might not be as easy as you thought. But with a bit of dedication and a bit of learning you will be able to learn all you need to start gardening if the need arises.

   Cooking is a skill you should probably learn in order to survive after a cataclysm. And don’t think that you know how to cook, because you don’t know anything. One thing is cooking in your home and with all ingredients according to the recipe and another thing is cooking over the open fire with little to no additional ingredients. You will not be able to cook some extravagant meals and you will not need them, you will need knowledge on how to prepare meals that will have enough nutrients and that will be safe for consummation.

   gwaltney-foodFood storage is final food-related skills you should know. You might not be able to learn to can the food, but the dehydration, sealing and smoking of the food in order to preserve it is possible even without machines and other appliances. These skills are very important because you will not be able to hunt and gather every day, and food that is not properly worked for storage will go bad after a day or two.

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How to properly prepare for a catastrophe

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   No one knows when a disaster will strike and how big it will be. Being prepared for something like that is not stupid; it is a logical way of thinking.

   There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself for impending survival, but there is also a plethora of mistakes you can do along the way. That is why you should read an article like this, an article that took mistakes from other people and extracted useful tips and tricks from those mistakes.

–    Water   

waterblogWater is the most important thing you will need once something apocalyptic happens, so you should create storage for it. Don’t buy water and don’t keep it in either plastic or milk jugs. Instead of buying water you should collect water and store it in barrels or other containers made from aluminum or similar materials. Plastic breaks down over some time which is why there is an expiration date on the bottled water. Water can’t expire, but plastic degrades and it releases toxins in the water. You can’t really clean milk jugs because there will always be some residue from the milk in there and that will contaminate your water with bacteria.

–    Food

Don’t rely on canned food only. Canned food is good because it can last very long, but if you eat canned food only then the sodium will damage your health. When it comes to food storage, try to mix some dried meat and other dried products in there as well. Pickled vegetables also can last very long and they are very healthy if you don’t eat them in large quantities. Meat can be stored in salt, and your storage should have some of it because diversity in eating habits does matter.

–    Storage place

storage_place_indoor_unitsThink before you make your storage. First of all the storage should be dark, but it shouldn’t have any moisture because it can damage your food. Don’t rely on cheap plastic or particle board shelves because they aren’t made to last. Instead of them go for wire shelving, it will last for decades and it can support a lot of weight.

And think about making 3 or 4 smaller storages rather than a big one. You don’t know what can happen and within a blink of an eye, your storage can be whipped out. Having several storages makes it more probable that some of them will avoid destruction.

–    Health

Don’t forget to store items that will keep you clean. Toilet paper and soap will keep the dirt off you and that will reduce the chance of you becoming sick. Have a good supply of things that will keep your hygiene and sanitation and modest level.

–    Shape up

beach-shape-up-400x400No matter how big your storage is if you eat too much and you are out of shape. So, shape up while you can and learn how to eat just enough food to fill your hunger. The World after a disaster will not be forgiving and you should be ready.

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How to plan for a disaster Comments Off on How to plan for a disaster

How to plan for a disaster

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Businesses often hire colocation facilities to provide themselves with recovery options in the event of a disaster. These days, due to the increasing demand for disaster recovery planning, the number of colocation facilities has increased. The main benefit of a colocation facility is the backup storage they provide for companies. State-of-the-art security systems ensure efficient data protection. A reliable power source and efficient network connectivity allow firms to monitor their stored data 24/7.


Disaster recovery planning for any company includes a backup storage facility with 24/7 protection. Colocation facilities have high tech security systems with CCTV monitoring systems. Many data centers also feature biometric identification systems such as fingerprint recognition. Sensitive locations within the colocation facilities are equipped with these highly advanced biometric identification systems, making it impossible for unauthorized personnel to gain access. For further protection, lockable cabinets and custom built cages house servers and other expensive equipment.

Network security involves highly advanced data encryption software that prevents the compromise of data integrity at all costs. Most colocation facilities also allow companies to add firewalls that further enhance security protocols. Firewalls are the foremost preemptive measures for protection against hackers.

Dedicated Office Spaces

Disaster recovery planning also requires dedicated work spaces where companies can relocate their employees in the event of a disaster. Since the timing of a natural disaster cannot be accurately predicted, colocation facilities set aside dedicated office spaces that have fully maintained functionality at all times. Businesses can instantly relocate their employees to these workspaces so they can continue running the day-to-day operations of the business.Plug-Play-Dedicated-Office-Spaces-available-for-Rent_2

These dedicated workspaces include conference rooms and offices. All of the equipment necessary to maintain the functionality of the firm is present. Most colocation facilities are located within the vicinity of hotels and restaurants. Employees who relocate to these facilities get discounted rates at nearby hotels and restaurants.

Reliable Power Feeds

image_88291_1426237605Colocation facilities with independent substations provide the most reliable supply of energy. A reliable power source option is imperative for disaster recovery planning. Facilities located within Texas have the added advantage of using the Texan power grid, which is the most reliable power grid systemin North America. The degree of redundancy within the colocation facility also plays a vital role. A higher degree of redundancy, such as reinforced concrete structures to house power lines, enhances the reliability of the power grid system. Backup generators and UPSs are also present to ensure availability of energy at all times.

A colocation facility is at the forefront of disaster recovery, planning and management for companies. A data center provides a secure environment for storing data. Dedicated office spaces with a reliable source of electricity ensure the stability of companies in the event of a disaster.

The plan for a disaster should be made by a professional colocation facility, which will provide you all possible solutions to your potential problems. However, have in mind that they cannot calculate all and it could happen that you find yourself in a problematic situation. Still, choose the facility that has a concrete solutions to potentially dangerous problems.

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